What is Dermabrasion? Difference Between Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion

What Is Dermabrasion?
Be it on the billboards or at the marketplace, at the next happening party or at home—we—women are unmistakably defined by our inherent incandescence. No matter how hard we work, how easily we fret or how emotionally drained we are—our radiance might as well remain unflustered in the face of greatest adversities…. well mostly. However, there are times when you might feel a little less luminous than usual. The facial wrinkles might be giving you some real hard times or that major scar on your face left behind by an accident might as well be stopping you from achieving that flawless look that you so desire and deserve! Trying out the popular surgical skin planning called Dermabrasion, might help!

But, what is dermabrasion? Alternately known as dermaplaning, dermabrasion aims at enhancing your facial skin by controlled surgical scraping. This surgical method is invasive — carried out in medical centers by trained dermatologists and skin experts. It involves the exfoliation of the upper and the mid layers of the skin using potent abrasive devices like wire brush, sterilized sand paper, diamond wheel, salt crystals and other mechanical devices. The benefits of this surgical procedure are often explored by women who have suffered scars from a previous accident, or have deep acne scars and facial wrinkles, or have pre-cancerous growth known as keratoses. Dermabrasion treatment is particularly aimed at softening the sharp edges of facial inconsistencies, thereby rendering an overall smoother appearance to your skin.

Difference between Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion
All you beautiful ladies out there please note that there is a distinct difference between the widely popular dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Besides, the basics of the treatments, there obviously are the costs and the recovery factors to consider when it comes to the choice of the treatment you will be settling for! Here’s a primer (because “beauty”, we believe, is often synonymous with “knowledge” ;-)

Dermabrasion before and after

Dermabrasion before and after

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Dermabrasion vs Microdermabrsion
The primary difference between dermabrasion and microdermabrasion is that the former exfoliates a deeper layer of skin as against the latter which only peels off a very fine layer — only around 10-15 microns from your skin.

Dermabrasion, needless to mention, is a much more intensive method of treating scars and acne. It is very effective on scars and deep wrinkles with proven efficacy when it comes to skin resurfacing.

Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, is not as effective when it comes to treating deep scars since it only exfoliates a thin layer of the skin. The treatment is tailored for those who want to get rid of:
• Thin ageing lines
• Superficial scars
• Stretch marks
• Sun spots
• Overall complexion improvement
• Mild imperfections

Those of you all looking forward to a “deeper” (more intensive) treatment should opt for dermabrasion. Don’t be put off by the higher costs and longer recovery time. The treatment is definitely worth your time and money since it seeks to treat severe scars which would not really be possible with microdermabrasion. Dermabrasion, however, cannot really stop the prevention of new wrinkles.

On the other hand, those of you all looking for a more accessible and affordable treatment can settle for microdermabrasion. The choice is yours. The idea, at the end of the day is to bask in an unmatched “glow”—in your glories, in your happiness, in success and even in your frailties! It’s the result which matters- not the method. It’s “you” who’s important. So, choose a treatment considering “your” suitability closely! Rock on!!

Dermabrasion for Acne Scars
Dermabrasion acne scars treatment helps you get rid of the outermost layers of blemished skin. It is a century old practice used by women to rejuvenate skin cells which have been lying dormant beneath. Earlier, it used to be a scary procedure which could even make your skin bleed. However, with the passage of time, the care givers have embraced more refined technologies resulting in little bleeding.

It is definitely considered to be a better option than laser resurfacing as it (dermabrasion) blurs the line between treated and untreated skin. Following the dermatologist’s instruction would help you in preventing raised scarring after treating pitted scars.

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Dermabrasion MachineDermabrasion at Home
Is there a way you can practice Dermabrasion at home? Well.. as already mentioned dermabrasion remains an intensive surgical process which calls for special training. It’s the microdermabrasion treatment which you can practice at home. Major brands like Dermanew and L’Oreal can be a part of your microdermabrasion home kit. However, the choice of brands remains a dicey proposition since what works particularly well for others might not work for you. The use of applicator and crystal cream is common. Massaging the crystal cream with your handheld applicator helps in the removal of dead cells to render a more polished look! However, the common complaints surrounding the at-home kits are break-outs and irritation.